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Sunny Happiness- Taiwanese Drama (English Subbed) Complete Tonton Youtube Link

Cast: Mike He, Janine Chang, Li Yi Feng, Zhou Zi Han, Li Jing Ming
Genre: Drama
Sub Genre: Romance
Episodes: TBA

# Native title: 幸福最晴天
# English: Sunny Happiness
# Also known as: The Sunniest Day of Happiness, Sunshine Day


Mike He (Xiang Yun Jie) acted as a rich man who divorced once, and unknowingly had an eight year old son. Janine Chang (Fang Yong Yong) acted as a orphan from orphanage. The two of them started their fairytale like love story from a 'fake marriage'. 'Xiaomei' Mike He who always appeared as the dreamlover image of young ladies acted as a divorced "Nanny-dad prince", Mike He expressed that it was indeed challenging. In the midst of acting, Mike He consulted people who were experienced parents for guidance, specially the parents of the child who acted as his son, admitting that it helped him greatly. He believed that this drama with a 'matured' plot would make people whom experience family, marriage or children understand the importance of cherishing people around you.

In reality, Mike He does not accept "having kids unwed, "having kids should be a decision after deep considerations and thoughts. When you really love someone, you will still consider to get married first." At the same time, he expresses that he hopes his spouse would not be from the ebiz, "I'm a person who's easily jealous, having relationship with a girl from the ebiz will cause many problems, thus, it's hard from me to put my heart with a girl from the ebiz." Regarding the standards for his girlfriend, he expresses that nobody would set a default standard, then you search from your girl-friends, but he hopes that his other partner can be considerate and understands him, also, he does not rejects a relationship with an older girl.

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